Why IT tender and PIC is bullsh*t

This is in response to Ben’s note on Faecbook. No money, no honey. Businesses have limited budget for technology as it is a usually a cost center (regardless if it is classified as CapEx or OpEx) unless the business is… Continue Reading →

2016 COE trend and illogical used car prices

Why are used car prices so ridiculously high when COE prices are down? It does not make sense, or does it? New cars are actually cheaper (in depreciation) now A brand new VW Golf (Mk7) 1.2 TSI was going for $98.8K… Continue Reading →

Carculator App for Depreciation, Loan, Scrap and Rule 78

I just wanted to put this out there. This little app I built was finally approved by the Apple for the App Store last night. I am making it FREE until the end of this year. It will be on… Continue Reading →

Buying is easy

But letting go is not. I spent several weekends in August tidying up old PCs and other computer hardware, hopeful that it would benefit some people. One laptop went to a needy family. That was easy, because it’s a small laptop… Continue Reading →

Buying Mobile Phones in Singapore

There’s been a piece of news recently where a Vietnamese tourist who made only $200/month had to kneel down to beg on his knees to get a refund of his money for an iPhone 6. I think a lot of people still do… Continue Reading →

Why status fields must die

I’m sure we have seen this happen: A programmer forgets to add a status = 1 condition/check to an SQL query and the app disintegrates. Status fields can be useful in some ways especially if the range of values are large,… Continue Reading →

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