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COVID-19 Thoughts

Today marks the end of the 6th week of the Singapore Circuit Breaker measures. 2 more weeks to go. Hurray? Generally, I have been well. My work is considered “essential”, so it is business-as-usual but unusual that I have to… Continue Reading →

Keeping an old 2010 MacBook Pro Alive

The second generation 2010 MacBook Pro 15″ (MacBookPro6,2) with the Intel Core i5/i7 is arguably one of the best MacBook Pros Apple ever made, bar a few issues. These aluminium unibody MacBooks were the first to have built-in batteries which… Continue Reading →

Hacking the MiniToy 3D Printer, Part 1

I bought a MiniToy 3D printer a month ago (June 2019) from an online seller. This printer was part of a Kickstarter Campaign in 2016 and delivered early 2017. I believe the seller bought it and didn’t know what to… Continue Reading →

10 years have passed

2019 marks the 10th year since my first property purchase – a resale HDB in 2009 (image above of my vacant HDB before I sold it). Back then, the supply was extremely short, and after several failed BTO attempts and… Continue Reading →

Open concept offices suck

I personally dislike open concept offices. It doesn’t really do anything to actually improve productivity. In fact, it is more distracting with people shouting at each other, or blasting music, or talking on the speakerphone, or allowing on-hold call music… Continue Reading →

Why it is not OK to lose blue collar workers

We’re losing talent, and I think blue collar workers play an important role in our economy to produce quality work. Keeping local blue collar talent costs money, and will drive up costs of living some, but that is how things… Continue Reading →

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