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Writing reinforces knowledge

I haven’t been blogging for a while. A lot of blogging activities actually shifted to Facebook. The same goes for many of my friends who used to blog; their blogs have been deserted and their last posts date way back… Continue Reading →

Blogging Revival

Haven’t been blogging for some time, maybe I should revive it. Also trying to figure out how to have this RSS feed on Facebook.

Causes App Critique

Before I joined the CS3216 class, I promised Prof. Ben I will do his homework, so I decided I should really do it. Here’s my critique. To save him the agony, I have decided not to write a thesis and… Continue Reading →

First Meetup for Facebook Assignment Costs $6! WT*!

OK, so I went to NUS to meet with my FB Assignment group and parking my car outside COM1 costs me a whopping $6! This is serious daylight robbery. So where should I park? I’m not exactly familiar with NUS… Continue Reading →

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