Month August 2014

The truth about power banks

Ever wondered why your 4,000mAh may not even charge your 1,570mAh iPhone 5S twice? Here’s why: – Devices consume power (“P”) and that is measured in watts. To derive watts, we need to multiply the amperage (“I”) by voltage (“V”)…. Continue Reading →

What to do with old computers

The staffs in the office got new laptops last year (thanks to the government’s PIC grant) but the stockpile of old hardware became an eyesore. What should I do with them? I found out that one of my friend’s a… Continue Reading →

Life with a Diesel Car in Singapore

When it comes to technology, I’m usually an early adopter and there’s no exception when it comes to cars. When I saw a resale BMW 520d (internal code name F10) for almost $20K below what its petrol siblings were asking… Continue Reading →

Trip to Turkey

An old college friend was planning a trip and asked if anybody wanted to tag along. Having been through several continuous weeks of noises from the upstairs dwelling (school holidays, ya) I thought to myself: “Why not?” It was also… Continue Reading →

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