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Buying Mobile Phones in Singapore

There’s been a piece of news recently where a Vietnamese tourist who made only $200/month had to kneel down to beg on his knees to get a refund of his money for an iPhone 6. I think a lot of people still do… Continue Reading →

Why is everybody building an iPhone app?

I’ve had many many self proclaimed wannabe entrepreneurs approaching me with “compelling” iPhone app ideas, and oh, it’s top secret – before they breathe a single word about it I’ll have to sign a 3,112 page NDA so in an… Continue Reading →

Offline HTML Mobile Apps

Picking up iOS is quite a bit of work plus you need to buy a Mac to get Xcode running. Yes I know you Hackintosh folks are going to start making some noise but let’s keep this legal. So I’ve… Continue Reading →

Review of iOS 4 on iPhone 3G

I’ve just updated my iPhone with the new iOS 4 firmware yesterday and here’s a short review. There has been lots of commotion about multi-tasking but I’m not the least concerned — not because I am not getting it on… Continue Reading →

Finally, I’m an iPhone 3G (not 3GS) Owner

Not exactly very proud to be a super late adopter of the iPhone 3G, but I’m certainly glad I received it on the evening of Tuesday September 1, 2009 as scheduled. My primary aim wasn’t actually to get an iPhone,… Continue Reading →

Ten simple steps to Skype over 3G on the iPhone

Skype prevented users from making calls over 3G data networks on the iPhone for contractual reasons, but I think many would love to have it working. Here’s a summarized version of getting Skype to work on the iPhone. I’ve tested… Continue Reading →

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