Month November 2009

Hardening Linux and Apache Servers for DDoS

In my earlier entry I discussed an interesting topic on firewalls and why we don’t need them. I put a small LAMP server to the test and got my results. Attack Information: Type: TCP SYN flood Max performance: 26Kpps (8Mbps)… Continue Reading →

Being Ignorant About DDoS and Why Firewalls Suck

I’ve just attended a one day “seminar” with folks at Arbor Networks and it has been insightful. It seems people are still pretty ignorant about DDoS attacks. Unlike the 1999 CIH virus that was programmed to take out a computer… Continue Reading →

Three Week Summary

Renovation has officially completed; we made our final payment last Thursday and the final touches were done yesterday. All the furniture are in as well. Mode Studio didn’t screw up and delivered the remaining furniture as scheduled. I pay a… Continue Reading →

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