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Where have the peaceful HDB estates gone?

I haven’t been blogging for a while, so this really means something I feel strongly about to have me start writing again. Wifey was down with high fever over the long Hari Raya/National Day weekend. Her fever persisted for four… Continue Reading →

A note for the Blind Followers

OK, I’ve had enough of people blindly saying good things about the men in white and that the oppositions suck. We have to discount the opposition because they haven’t been on the job yet – how would I expect you… Continue Reading →

Noisy Neighbours in Singapore

If you’re wondering, wow, I’m writing a blog at this hour, well that’s because I’ve been awoken at 6AM+ this morning by my neighbour upstairs. I had to resort to hammering the ceiling with my fists last night to get… Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays, Welcome 2010

Welcome back… I know you have been faithful readers. See? You’re smiling. Stop denying it. You love my blog, don’t you? It has been a crazy month. I’m part of a small team of three and two of my colleagues… Continue Reading →

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