Happy Holidays, Welcome 2010

Welcome back… I know you have been faithful readers. See? You’re smiling. Stop denying it. You love my blog, don’t you? It has been a crazy month. I’m part of a small team of three and two of my colleagues… Continue Reading →

Three Week Summary

Renovation has officially completed; we made our final payment last Thursday and the final touches were done yesterday. All the furniture are in as well. Mode Studio didn’t screw up and delivered the remaining furniture as scheduled. I pay a… Continue Reading →

Inside a MacBook Battery

The battery on my MacBook is dying so I decided to just take it apart. You know, nothing stops my curiosity. I love taking things apart ever since young, though I wasn’t able to put most of them back together…… Continue Reading →

Environmentally Friendly Way to Discharge a Li-Po

Earlier this evening, the air-con guy called me up and asked to meet up at my new house to discuss how we would love run the array of ugly thick gas pipes around the house. Since the electrical wirings are… Continue Reading →

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