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MAS eases curbs; where is COE headed

If you’ve been following the news, you should have heard about MAS easing the loan curbs. So where is COE headed? Most people say it will go up, but I think it will only inch up marginally. Reducing downpayment by 10%… Continue Reading →

2016 COE trend and illogical used car prices

Why are used car prices so ridiculously high when COE prices are down? It does not make sense, or does it? New cars are actually cheaper (in depreciation) now A brand new VW Golf (Mk7) 1.2 TSI was going for $98.8K… Continue Reading →

On car loans again

I just read this article. I found this statement by Tan Huey Min, general manager of Credit Counselling Singapore a little misleading: Over the long run, if you pay off the loan in eight years, the amount you have paid… Continue Reading →

The truth about offsetting loans with investments

I’ve often heard people say it is easy to overcome the low car loan interest rates. While it may be 1.88%, the effective interest rate is much higher than that, about 4%. And people will tell me that it is… Continue Reading →

Balloon scheme (loan) is not what it sounds like

Addendum, Oct 2017: I have further simplified this article for the benefit of the many visitors every month. This article is one of the highest hit articles on my blog, and it is actually a bit worrisome that even banks… Continue Reading →

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