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First Meetup for Facebook Assignment Costs $6! WT*!

OK, so I went to NUS to meet with my FB Assignment group and parking my car outside COM1 costs me a whopping $6! This is serious daylight robbery. So where should I park? I’m not exactly familiar with NUS… Continue Reading →

Second Trip to Ikea

Believe it or not, we spent $1,090.55 at Ikea last Saturday. This is our second trip to Ikea, so it’s almost $2,000 worth of Ikea stuff if we added up the first trip! I’ve decided to bring my Olympus DSLR… Continue Reading →

Opteka 500mm Mirror Lens Going Outdoors

I decided to take the Opteka 500mm mirror lens along with me today and took some shots. Note all the photos have been digitally enhanced, cropped and resized for web viewing. As suggested in my previous post, this lens works… Continue Reading →

Opteka 500mm Mirror Lens First Tests

I bought a cheap Opteka 500mm mirror lens off eBay and the UPS package finally arrived on Wednesday after two days of failed delivery attempts. Hooray!

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