Month August 2009

Opteka 500mm Mirror Lens Going Outdoors

I decided to take the Opteka 500mm mirror lens along with me today and took some shots. Note all the photos have been digitally enhanced, cropped and resized for web viewing. As suggested in my previous post, this lens works… Continue Reading →

Hamster Pups on Day 7

Nothing much changed. They still sleep all day and look like tiny little sausages, though tiny little hairs and ears have grown. They’ve begun grooming themselves and eating some food. Hopefully in two days’ time they’ll wander around the cage… Continue Reading →

Opteka 500mm Mirror Lens First Tests

I bought a cheap Opteka 500mm mirror lens off eBay and the UPS package finally arrived on Wednesday after two days of failed delivery attempts. Hooray!

The Wife Shall Shop Alone

I shall try it someday.

Ten simple steps to Skype over 3G on the iPhone

Skype prevented users from making calls over 3G data networks on the iPhone for contractual reasons, but I think many would love to have it working. Here’s a summarized version of getting Skype to work on the iPhone. I’ve tested… Continue Reading →

Little Hamsters!

Our female hamster gave birth to a litter of seven pups on the morning of Aug 22, 2009! The pups are 3 days old now and mummy hamster just happened to carry them over to somewhere else where I could… Continue Reading →

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