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Mac and Dell monitor display quality issues over HDMI

Update: 2020/12/01 for macOS Big Sur, please follow instructions here. If you have a MacBook, iMac, or Mac mini and use a HDMI cable to connect to a Dell monitor, you may notice that the image seemed over-processed as if… Continue Reading →

Keeping an old 2010 MacBook Pro Alive

The second generation 2010 MacBook Pro 15″ (MacBookPro6,2) with the Intel Core i5/i7 is arguably one of the best MacBook Pros Apple ever made, bar a few issues. These aluminium unibody MacBooks were the first to have built-in batteries which… Continue Reading →

MacBook 60W Adapter Cable Melted, Fire Hazard

This isn’t the first Mac I’ve owned. Although the iPhone is probably the best phone out there, Mac computers are crap. I found an old blog entry that I wrote when both mine and wifey’s iBook G3 failed at the… Continue Reading →

A new MacBook battery from eBay

Look what the postman brought over the weekend in a very nicely wrapped package. No tapes, just ropes. Neat!

Inside a MacBook Battery

The battery on my MacBook is dying so I decided to just take it apart. You know, nothing stops my curiosity. I love taking things apart ever since young, though I wasn’t able to put most of them back together…… Continue Reading →

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