Month April 2011

Impending General Election

So there has been some discussion on topics that are “close to our hearts”, such as HDB prices. Wife read a site/blog that claims that HDB flats are leased to us, so why do the prices go up instead of… Continue Reading →

To Hire and Be Hired

So wifey’s colleague will be going on a long leave for a period of 3 months and she had to sit-in in an interview of a new guy who would be covering her colleague. According to her, the interviewee –… Continue Reading →

Truth or Dare?

Do you dare to take the road less travelled? Or simply stick to what you’ve been doing only to find the truth a little too late? It’s not all about guts of course, but it’s a calculated risk. The difference… Continue Reading →


Time to find some arty farty inspiration back. I’ll start on a new musical arrangement for CO, but I will not set a deadline. Let’s see what I can come up with. 😀

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