Why it is not OK to lose blue collar workers

We’re losing talent, and I think blue collar workers play an important role in our economy to produce quality work. Keeping local blue collar talent costs money, and will drive up costs of living some, but that is how things… Continue Reading →

Boy’s toes caught in escalator at Toa Payoh

After reading the news that a boy’s toe got caught in an escalator at Toa Payoh, I can’t help but notice he was wearing Crocs. I mumbled, “again”. I shared the article on Facebook and wonder why parents still buy… Continue Reading →

Life changing experience

People tell me that parenthood is a life-changing experience. I don’t think I doubted that, but it did not exactly change my life the way I thought it would have — at least not yet. It is certainly tough caring… Continue Reading →

Writing reinforces knowledge

I haven’t been blogging for a while. A lot of blogging activities actually shifted to Facebook. The same goes for many of my friends who used to blog; their blogs have been deserted and their last posts date way back… Continue Reading →

To Hire and Be Hired

So wifey’s colleague will be going on a long leave for a period of 3 months and she had to sit-in in an interview of a new guy who would be covering her colleague. According to her, the interviewee –… Continue Reading →

Qualifications Speak for Nuts? Busy at the moment. Will blog later. Link for your reading pleasure.

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