Month May 2011

Buying and Financing a Car in Singapore

Update: Do also read the updated article I wrote here in 2014:¬†How to buy a used car in Singapore Ever since my two test drive posts I’ve had a few friends contact me about buying a car. I think it’s… Continue Reading →

Another lazy Sunday; off to more car showrooms…

OK, it was another idle Sunday not knowing what to do, so we decided to go poke around more showrooms after lunch at Old Town White Coffee along Chun Tin Road (Bukit Timah). First stop, Volkswagen We test drove the… Continue Reading →

A Sunday at two Car Showrooms – BMW and Lexus

I got a call from Performance Motor Limited (“PML”) about a private sale, so guys being guys, I agreed to go down. Of course, I brought the wife along so she can play “finance manager” and say NO in case… Continue Reading →

And so it’s decided

I don’t understand why we still have MBT and TPL in Parliament. Screw the GRC system, each candidate should be opposed one-on-one. Singapore today is mature enough to not make race or religion a deciding factor. Workers Party, please do… Continue Reading →

A note for the Blind Followers

OK, I’ve had enough of people blindly saying good things about the men in white and that the oppositions suck. We have to discount the opposition because they haven’t been on the job yet – how would I expect you… Continue Reading →

Aging Gracefully

Not many political discussions make it to my blog, but I think this one is worth blogging about since this actually sparked off a long discussion on Facebook. Wife’s friend said the problem is not with how CPF works but… Continue Reading →

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