I don’t understand why we still have MBT and TPL in Parliament. Screw the GRC system, each candidate should be opposed one-on-one. Singapore today is mature enough to not make race or religion a deciding factor.

Workers Party, please do us proud. I offer my 2 cents:

Abolish the CPF installment payments starting at 62 years of age – it does not benefit the poor at all. Not many of them live till that age. The statistics are flawed. Only the rich get to receive this money.

Please don’t raise the HDB income ceiling already – it will encourage more rich people to buy and further inflate the flat prices.

Instead, stagger the income ceiling based on the flat type, i.e. bigger flat bigger ceiling so the higher income group don’t contend with the lower income group with the 4-room flats causing it to rise much faster than the rest.

Lower the income ceiling for PRs – this will encourage the well-to-do PRs to either rent (good for Singaporeans) or buy private property at inflated and more violatile prices.

Impose more penalties on crappy public transport operators.

Stop the gerrymandering and grant us our rights to freedom of speech.

Lower the crazy ministerial salaries, tax the rich, provide healthcare for the poor.

Finally, curb the influx of foriengners that are not only taking away some low income worker’s jobs but also breaking up families.

Create quotas for different industry segments based on supply and demand.

I’m not saying all foreign talents should go – skilled white-collar workers that we can learn a trick or two from can stay. That’s what they are here for – they want a jumping board, trade up their knowledge for a few years. Fair and square.