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A Word On Amazon Web Services

Today’s lecture was given by folks from Microsoft and Amazon. The Microsoft part was on the Imagine Cup 2010, a global student competition. I’m out of bounds already, so I won’t talk about that. 😛 The most part was on… Continue Reading →

Why FTTH Will Suck and 1 Mbps Symmetric Broadband is Enough for Everybody

Watch this video. Although this video was made for entertainment, it does goes to show what people think 100 Mbps can give them. I think I need to start my rant. People have the wrong impression of subscribed broadband speeds…. Continue Reading →

What You Need to Know About Your Internet Connection

Due to the recent APCN2 undersea cable outage, I read quite a bit of complaints from subscribers and thought I should write a little educational entry on how the Internet works. What are you really paying for? When you buy… Continue Reading →

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