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How to buy a cheap(er) car: Will COE fall in 2015?

We have an old car in the family expiring next year, and I’m sure everybody out there is wondering the same — will COE fall? My personal opinion is that it may fall a wee bit (Category A at around… Continue Reading →

Budget 2013 and what it means to the Singapore Car Buyer

Many interesting debates sparked off when the Singapore Budget 2013 was released, but it seems the change in regulation related to the local automotive industry made the biggest impact, especially to those who have been waiting and waiting to buy… Continue Reading →

Inflation vs Interest Rates in Singapore

So 2010 inflation was at 2.8%, and this year the government estimates it to be at 4%. I’m actually wondering how these figures came about. (JJ, I know you’re reading this. Please enlighten – you can leave a private comment… Continue Reading →

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