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Hope for humanity

As a kid, I was fascinated by anything that could fly – planes, helicopters, rockets. It was a privilege to be able to fly on a plane back then, as it was still relatively expensive and only middle-high income families… Continue Reading →

Trip to Turkey

An old college friend was planning a trip and asked if anybody wanted to tag along. Having been through several continuous weeks of noises from the upstairs dwelling (school holidays, ya) I thought to myself: “Why not?” It was also… Continue Reading →

10 beautiful days in Australia

I must say it was the best trip so far. Sydney (New South Wales) was nice, but Melbourne (Victoria) was really such a beautiful place, and I absolutely enjoyed the scenic drive along the Great Ocean Road. I will certainly… Continue Reading →

Singapore to Tokyo in 13 hours

No, I’m not talking about the flight time. I’m talking about the time at which I bought my plane tickets to the time I actually landed in Tokyo. Yes, this is my first trip out of Singapore without much prior… Continue Reading →

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