Three-piece next generation ERP unit

I read about the new 3-piece next generation ERP unit and must say I was a little bit disappointed. I applaud Transport Minister On Ye Kung for openly sharing the decision making process that lead to this design. As an… Continue Reading →

MAS eases curbs; where is COE headed

If you’ve been following the news, you should have heard about MAS easing the loan curbs.┬áSo where is COE headed? Most people say it will go up, but I think it will only inch up marginally. Reducing downpayment by 10%… Continue Reading →

Peer to peer car sharing in Singapore – is it really working?

I’ve always wanted to make car sharing possible – there are two ways to go about it. First method: I would announce my travel plans and pick somebody going the same way as I am. In return I will get… Continue Reading →

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