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Investment portfolio review

Earlier this year I wrote about the lessons I’ve learnt and how I’ll be reshuffling my investment portfolio; the year has come to an end so it is time for my annual review. I’ve reduced the losses on my CPF… Continue Reading →

Investment portfolio reshuffle

Earlier I wrote about the painful (and expensive) financial lessons I learnt over the last few years. I’ve been reading books and articles and will slowly reshuffle my investment portfolio. My current investment portfolio looks like this: My nett investments… Continue Reading →

Financial Lessons

Several times a year for the past few years I would revisit and update a spreadsheet that I created sometime back in 2010/2011 to track my (and wife’s) financials. It tracks our incomes, expenses, investments and assets and gives a… Continue Reading →

Buying insurance

Most of us would have purchased some insurance policies by now. If you haven’t, you need to start looking! Basic healthcare insurance in Singapore is relatively inexpensive and can even be paid with CPF money, but some of us may… Continue Reading →

Budget 2013 and what it means to the Singapore Car Buyer

Many interesting debates sparked off when the Singapore Budget 2013 was released, but it seems the change in regulation related to the local automotive industry made the biggest impact, especially to those who have been waiting and waiting to buy… Continue Reading →

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