Month January 2010

Second Thoughts on the Apple iPad

Before I slept last night, I thought, “Apple ain’t stupid.” They wouldn’t do something like not install OS X, so I went to bed, tossed and turned a bit, woke up this morning and saw some light. The iPad (urgh,… Continue Reading →

Apple’s new iPad

While I really wished Apple didn’t name it iPad, it’s still too early to tell if this device would be any good. I was rather disappointed it didn’t run the regular MacOS X so I can have my favourite app… Continue Reading →

Little Code, But Still Complicated

It seems like our app isn’t one that demands a lot of coding but is still quite complicated for a short development time span of two weeks. FYI, we are building an e-commerce app in Facebook with a different concept… Continue Reading →

Curtains Up!

Curtains and blinds are up! Actually was up about two weeks ago, but I didn’t have time to take photos, edit and upload. I finally found some time to do so. I didn’t take the blinds though, it’s pretty generic… Continue Reading →

A Word On Amazon Web Services

Today’s lecture was given by folks from Microsoft and Amazon. The Microsoft part was on the Imagine Cup 2010, a global student competition. I’m out of bounds already, so I won’t talk about that. 😛 The most part was on… Continue Reading →

Good Old Games

I was at the arcade in Bugis for a short while after dinner. I’m not exactly an arcade guy because the noise level at most arcades are on par with an idling Boeing 747, but I was there just to… Continue Reading →

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