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Time to find some arty farty inspiration back. I’ll start on a new musical arrangement for CO, but I will not set a deadline. Let’s see what I can come up with. 😀

Welcome back

As promised, I will attempt to revive my blogging. As I type, I’m actually watching “The Social Network”. Damn geeky, I know. Not the best movie of all time for a Saturday night. Anyway just to start off the new… Continue Reading →

I said hey! What’s goin’ on?

Rite. That’s the title of an old song ‘What’s Up’. I’ve decided to resume blogging. I think it’s good for me… (I hope?) So, I’ve switched jobs. It feels kinda déjà vu since I worked on the same stuff about… Continue Reading →

Remix of Namewee’s famous CNY Song

Here’s a remix of Namewee’s famous CNY song that I wrote out of boredom: Namewee’s CNY Remix (MIDI, 5Kb) For those with old Nokia’ish phones and polyphonic ringtones, you can use the MIDI below. If you wish to get your… Continue Reading →

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