As promised, I will attempt to revive my blogging.

As I type, I’m actually watching “The Social Network”. Damn geeky, I know. Not the best movie of all time for a Saturday night.

Anyway just to start off the new year – lots of shit happened in Q1 2011. My “Ultimate” Driving Machineā„¢ had a cracked radiator which meant it needs to be replaced. Not too expensive but still ouch.

A friend got into an accident with a bus that tried to flee the accident scene. Thank god he’s not injured at all – the bus hit the passenger side and he was alone in the vehicle. He was lucky he had a witness.

My high BMI neighbours upstairs are still as annoying as ever, even right now at 1.25AM and I have another 3.5 years to put up with them and you bet I will.

By the way, if you’re wondering – Singapore has no decent law against domestic noise. There’s nothing the government can really do if you have an imbecile neighbour like mine. All you can hope is to curse them to rot in their filthy home and get eaten by fleas so they’ll mixmash well with the herbs and spices they pound daily in their bedroom. I’m not sure if even an impending election would change anything since Bukit Panjang is still split into two.

Just six hours ago I heard I got voted to be in the EXCO of KH. I’m puzzled how I got voted even when it was a no-show; I was at CGH and it wasn’t a lie. I don’t think I can commit and I will not bullshit my way into a role I cannot put quality effort into. This is precisely what I am going to tell them during the next meeting: Career, Family, Hobby. Choose two. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to answer that.

I’m also trying to adopt a minimalistic approach to life. I’m trying to get rid of shit I don’t need and just keep the necessary stuff at home. I’ve always believed in buying things of quality versus price since high quality stuffs tend to last longer. Also you’re likely to only need ONE good, say, shoe than ten cheap shoes.

That’s it for today. I need to watch my movie. Stay tuned for more updates.