Life with BMW diesel in Singapore, two years on.

I’m sure some readers have been curious, so here’s a 2-year review after my first post from two years ago. In summary, the BMW F10 520d is one of the best car I’ve driven on a daily basis. It is surely… Continue Reading →

Life with a Diesel Car in Singapore

When it comes to technology, I’m usually an early adopter and there’s no exception when it comes to cars. When I saw a resale BMW 520d (internal code name F10) for almost $20K below what its petrol siblings were asking… Continue Reading →

Why hybrids aren’t selling

I’m not going to talk about EVs because they present a charging and power distribution challenge. However, there are quite some hybrids on the road now. But why hybrid cars still aren’t selling as well as traditional gasoline? First, batteries… Continue Reading →

A Sunday at two Car Showrooms – BMW and Lexus

I got a call from Performance Motor Limited (“PML”) about a private sale, so guys being guys, I agreed to go down. Of course, I brought the wife along so she can play “finance manager” and say NO in case… Continue Reading →

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