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Why you SHOULD chope your seat, especially during COVID-19

Chope culture. A uniquely Singaporean culture where diners at open food centers place small items such as tissue packets, business cards or water bottles to reserve a table or seat. I know many people are not in favour of this,… Continue Reading →

Gingerbread Cookies for X’mas

I made three attempts at Gingerbread cookies using this recipe, but I think some of the measurements were off, e.g.¬†our eggs are smaller than those in the US and our measurement units are different, so here’s a Singapore version. I’ve… Continue Reading →

Selfish Bastards

Was having dinner at Qi Ji Tiong Bahru Plaza when a guy found the empty seat beside us and placed his bag to “chop” the seats. Mind you it was a table for six. Me and wife were seated across… Continue Reading →

Singaporean Style, Western Flavour – Bruschetta with Tomato

I’ve had some request to post up my cooking experiments on my blog and so here’s my first. I’ve decided to call my experimental cooking series Singaporean Style, Western Flavour since I tend towards ingredients that are easily found in… Continue Reading →

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