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Are Network Load Balancers Faster? A story on Engineering decisions.

I was working on a project and an Engineer approached me after going through the AWS environment. He made a recommendation to switch from an Application Load Balancer (ALB) to a Network Load Balancer (NLB), and his reason was that… Continue Reading →

What are the kids thinking? A peek into the future of the Metaverse

Earlier today my eldest son (7 years old) came up to me and asked me to help him buy Robux, the in-game credits for Roblox. He wasn’t asking me to pay for it — instead, he handed me $10 from… Continue Reading →

Gravitational Teleport as a Bastion Host

Gravitiational Teleport is a pretty neat and lightweight open-source software that works great as a bastion host. However, some parts the documentation can be a bit vague for a first-time user so this blog entry serves as a reference material… Continue Reading →

Why Unit of Work is an anti-pattern but not Repository

Is Repository and Unit of Work (UoW) an anti-pattern? In the .NET/C# world, it is often said that Repository/UoW is an anti-pattern and one should probably use Entity Framework Core directly. But if it is an anti-pattern, why are people… Continue Reading →

Stop returning null

Have you ever debugged a null error? It’s like a void space. The error often doesn’t tell you anything. Null handling sucks the life out of developers. Developers should stop returning null. Modern programming languages have exceptions – use them…. Continue Reading →

The end of an era, start of a new

WhyMobile launched the 3rd major revision of its website earlier this morning. But instead of talking about the new site, this is a little journal to reminisce how far it has come. A proof-of-concept site was first built in April… Continue Reading →

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