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2016 COE trend and illogical used car prices

Why are used car prices so ridiculously high when COE prices are down? It does not make sense, or does it? New cars are actually cheaper (in depreciation) now A brand new VW Golf (Mk7) 1.2 TSI was going for $98.8K… Continue Reading →

What does it really cost to own a car in Singapore?

Update: Do also read the updated article I wrote here in 2014: How to buy a used car in Singapore OK, I read this article and felt I had to put in a few words of my own as it was… Continue Reading →

Another lazy Sunday; off to more car showrooms…

OK, it was another idle Sunday not knowing what to do, so we decided to go poke around more showrooms after lunch at Old Town White Coffee along Chun Tin Road (Bukit Timah). First stop, Volkswagen We test drove the… Continue Reading →

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