Month February 2010

Advertising as a Monetization Idea

I was chatting with a few folks who made the pitch last Friday and it seems a lot of people think selling ads is the only way to make money. While Google probably made close to $100m in Singapore selling… Continue Reading →

Damn Busy

Sorry folks if I haven’t been responding to your e-mails/wave/chat promptly and haven’t been doing my homework. I’m super tied down this week with work, plus my mum’s sick and I have to be at the Istana tomorrow. The weather… Continue Reading →

The Business of Search and Advertising

Phew. I’m finally back from graveyard work, showered and waiting for my hair to dry. I’ll blog while my memory’s fresh. If I go to sleep now, I’ll wake up with only half of what I was thinking the night… Continue Reading →

Huat Ah!

Here’s me wishing everybody a happy and prosperous year of the Tiger! I’ll be on my way to Malaysia for reunion with my grandparents early tomorrow and will only return on 初二. I might not have Internet access, or even… Continue Reading →

Kids CMI? Maybe Parents also CMI

This is in response to a thread I read at MummySG. (BTW, I’m reading the forum because I found posts related to noisy neighbours.) Hi, have to get this off my chest. ytd was with hubby and baby at BHG… Continue Reading →

Noisy Neighbours in Singapore

If you’re wondering, wow, I’m writing a blog at this hour, well that’s because I’ve been awoken at 6AM+ this morning by my neighbour upstairs. I had to resort to hammering the ceiling with my fists last night to get… Continue Reading →

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