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IPv6 over IPv4 (6to4) all up and working

Yes, I’ve set myself out to learn IPv6. I thought it was simple – or at least with my understanding of IPv4. I was completely wrong! IPv6 has a much more complicated addressing scheme and “rules”. It requires a change… Continue Reading →

The Business of Search and Advertising

Phew. I’m finally back from graveyard work, showered and waiting for my hair to dry. I’ll blog while my memory’s fresh. If I go to sleep now, I’ll wake up with only half of what I was thinking the night… Continue Reading →

No Real Use for Google Wave?

I can’t seem to think of a very practical use for Google Wave. IMHO it’s a technology that’s neither here nor there. It’s not a very effective replacement for e-mail either as it’s not a scalable model. It’s not exactly… Continue Reading →

First Meetup for Facebook Assignment Costs $6! WT*!

OK, so I went to NUS to meet with my FB Assignment group and parking my car outside COM1 costs me a whopping $6! This is serious daylight robbery. So where should I park? I’m not exactly familiar with NUS… Continue Reading →

DRAM Error Rates are Actually Hundred and Thousands of Times Higher Than We Thought

DRAM, or commonly called RAM, is something we have on all computers and most mini electronic devices such as our mobile phones and portable players. Without them, computers won’t work. They hold vital data while they are in use, such… Continue Reading →

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