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Modding the Armaggeddon MKA-2C keyboard

I had this keyboard sitting around the house for a while and decided to mod it – specifically, change the switches to a silent one so I can use it in an office environment. tl;dr It’s not as “hot-swappable” as… Continue Reading →

Open concept offices suck

I personally dislike open concept offices. It doesn’t really do anything to actually improve productivity. In fact, it is more distracting with people shouting at each other, or blasting music, or talking on the speakerphone, or allowing on-hold call music… Continue Reading →

The coin toss

There are always two sides to a coin. In a debate or discussion, the narrow minded will only try to reinforce a single-sided discussion. Pay attention to those who see both sides of every coin and have an opinion on… Continue Reading →

2013: Resolutions

I like my resolutions being a bit open ended. Some people like a fixed achievement, e.g. lose 5kg, save $10,000. Those I would call goals; multiple goals can be derived from a single resolution. To me, resolutions are meant to… Continue Reading →

Facebook Page for Noisy Neighbours Issues in Singapore

It has come to a point where I decided to spam the MPs and create a public page on Facebook. I’m posting this here so hopefully people with similar issues will find it, post their issues and show the real… Continue Reading →

Truth or Dare?

Do you dare to take the road less travelled? Or simply stick to what you’ve been doing only to find the truth a little too late? It’s not all about guts of course, but it’s a calculated risk. The difference… Continue Reading →

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