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Second last CS3216 blog, lah!

OK, Prof. Ben is chasing me for a blog and since I’m sitting here (at work, at this hour) waiting on a colleague, I shall write a short entry. I realized I haven’t been blogging for a while and my… Continue Reading →

Causes App Critique

Before I joined the CS3216 class, I promised Prof. Ben I will do his homework, so I decided I should really do it. Here’s my critique. To save him the agony, I have decided not to write a thesis and… Continue Reading →

The Second Lecture

So the second lecture was on Software Engineering. Big word and unfortunately means big problem. The class was introduced to Agile/Scrum which is a newer methodology compared to the old waterfall/spiral SDLC model that I was taught in school. I… Continue Reading →

Ayiah, Another $6 for Parking at NUS

Ayiah, what to do. I was already one hour late for a meeting with my teammates, but as the saying goes better late than never so I decided to park nearer to COM1 so I have a lesser chance of… Continue Reading →

Taking it Easy

Prof. Ben commented that I’m having fun in my previous post. Well, in fact, I really am! I enjoy chatting with my team mates and messing around with my assignment. Actually if I put myself into the shoes of a… Continue Reading →

I Lost My Nipples Thanks to CS3216

In my last introductory post on CS3216, I mentioned that I might get my nipples twisted off. Unfortunately, my wife read the blog entry and dutifully twisted them off with a full 360 degrees turn when I arrived home. Ouch…. Continue Reading →

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