Continuation to the CPF MSS Debate

Here’s a continuation to the big CPF Minimum Sum Scheme (MSS) debate that made a record 128 comments on my Facebook wall post. The entire debate broke up into two topics of discussion. One of them is whether CPF is… Continue Reading →

CPF Minimum Sum at $155K?!

The government just announced that the CPF minimum sum will be raised to $155K this year. Back in 2003 the min. sum was $80K. Minimum sum will be $600K by 2037 Looking at this chart I came up with a… Continue Reading →

Where have the peaceful HDB estates gone?

I haven’t been blogging for a while, so this really means something I feel strongly about to have me start writing again. Wifey was down with high fever over the long Hari Raya/National Day weekend. Her fever persisted for four… Continue Reading →

Facebook Page for Noisy Neighbours Issues in Singapore

It has come to a point where I decided to spam the MPs and create a public page on Facebook. I’m posting this here so hopefully people with similar issues will find it, post their issues and show the real… Continue Reading →

And so it’s decided

I don’t understand why we still have MBT and TPL in Parliament. Screw the GRC system, each candidate should be opposed one-on-one. Singapore today is mature enough to not make race or religion a deciding factor. Workers Party, please do… Continue Reading →

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