Month September 2009

StarHub and SingNet Practices Traffic Management

Slow Internet access tonight? ISPs say, blame it on the P2P. In an earlier blog entry, I wrote about how the Internet really works and why there’s really no such thing as dedicated Internet bandwidth. To tackle the increasing bandwidth… Continue Reading →

Telnet to Serial Script for the Mac, Now Complete

In my previous blog entry, I found a tool MultiCom that proxies my serial to a TCP socket, but it was lacking the ability to set my telnet client into character mode and wasn’t working with Cisco devices. I later… Continue Reading →

Finally, a Real Serial Console for the Mac

I’ve been searching high and low. ZTerm is extinct, screen kinda sucks with scrolling. So what do I have left? I attempted to write a script in Python to turn the serial port into a local socket so I could… Continue Reading →

What a Mac is to a Dell

A Mac is to a Dell as is a Continental car is to a Japanese car. The former would cost more to purchase, require premium grade parts, and eventually fail sooner than others. Parts are more difficult to find and… Continue Reading →

MacBook 60W Adapter Cable Melted, Fire Hazard

This isn’t the first Mac I’ve owned. Although the iPhone is probably the best phone out there, Mac computers are crap. I found an old blog entry that I wrote when both mine and wifey’s iBook G3 failed at the… Continue Reading →

Hamsters, Day 21!

We wanted to wait a bit more before giving them names from the musical scale (as there were seven of them), but unfortunately on the morning of 11 Sep 2009, I found one of them dead. I just got out… Continue Reading →

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