Rite. That’s the title of an old song ‘What’s Up’. I’ve decided to resume blogging. I think it’s good for me… (I hope?)

So, I’ve switched jobs. It feels kinda déjà vu since I worked on the same stuff about 2 years ago; although it’s at a larger scale now. There’s some challenges along the way but what’s life without one?

I also took part in the 2010 National Chinese Music Competition and played the cello for my friend’s Chinese Ensemble. YES, we won, but they said we were bullying kids… well…

About this time last year, I met up with some old friends. I’m supposed to review if we’ve accomplished what we spoke about. I will review and post an update soon.

Sorry for being so random. This is the result of not having blogged for over half a year.

Meanwhile, enjoy this MTV!