March 2012

Real World Technology

I’m leaving for Sydney later tonight and will be flying on the Airbus A380. I know we’ve heard about wing cracks on the A380 and wifey was just getting a little paranoid that we’re going to fly in a potentially… Continue Reading →

MP4 videos on my bedroom TV!

Just found out that the (not so) new 32″ Panasonic LCD TV (Japanese technology!) in our bedroom plays MP4 videos from a USB flash drive flawlessly! I wasn’t able to play AVI videos with all sorts of weird video codecs… Continue Reading →

Balloon scheme (loan) is not what it sounds like

Update: Do also read the updated article I wrote here in 2014:¬†How to buy a used car in Singapore I came across a loan scheme called the “balloon scheme” recently. Some people say this loan scheme existed a long time… Continue Reading →

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