The coin toss

There are always two sides to a coin. In a debate or discussion, the narrow minded will only try to reinforce a single-sided discussion. Pay attention to those who see both sides of every coin and have an opinion on… Continue Reading →

2013: Resolutions

I like my resolutions being a bit open ended. Some people like a fixed achievement, e.g. lose 5kg, save $10,000. Those I would call goals; multiple goals can be derived from a single resolution. To me, resolutions are meant to… Continue Reading →

Facebook Page for Noisy Neighbours Issues in Singapore

It has come to a point where I decided to spam the MPs and create a public page on Facebook. I’m posting this here so hopefully people with similar issues will find it, post their issues and show the real… Continue Reading →

Truth or Dare?

Do you dare to take the road less travelled? Or simply stick to what you’ve been doing only to find the truth a little too late? It’s not all about guts of course, but it’s a calculated risk. The difference… Continue Reading →


Very low class song, but also very true about girls nowadays. Here’s the best part… sing with alternate lyrics. I didn’t make this up BTW, my chinese not so powerful. Got this off one of the comments. If you can’t… Continue Reading →

Ten Habits of Incompetent Managers

Good read:

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