Carculator App for Depreciation, Loan, Scrap and Rule 78

I just wanted to put this out there. This little app I built was finally approved by the Apple for the App Store last night. I am making it FREE until the end of this year. It will be on… Continue Reading →

How to buy a cheap(er) car: Will COE fall in 2015?

We have an old car in the family expiring next year, and I’m sure everybody out there is wondering the same — will COE fall? My personal opinion is that it may fall a wee bit (Category A at around… Continue Reading →

How to buy a used car in Singapore

I have several friends asking me for advise on their car purchases — especially used ones because the process is more complicated, so I have decided to write a guide instead of having to repeat over and over again. Disclaimer:… Continue Reading →

Life with a Diesel Car in Singapore

When it comes to technology, I’m usually an early adopter and there’s no exception when it comes to cars. When I saw a resale BMW 520d (internal code name F10) for almost $20K below what its petrol siblings were asking… Continue Reading →

Wheel upsizing and ride lowering – why you are doing it wrong

Wheel upsizing (wider tyres + larger rims + wider offsets) and ride lowering are very commonly seen vehicle modifications. Many do so primarily for aesthetics and do not understand how these modifications affect handling. They think or hearsay they are… Continue Reading →

Motoring tips for wet Singapore roads

It’s the time of the year again. Singapore gets an average of 19 rainy days and about 260-290mm of rainfall in November and December1. Flash floods and accidents are reported everywhere, as if our traffic isn’t already bad enough! There’s… Continue Reading →

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