October 2009

House Cleaning, Part One

Sincere thanks to Hui Zhen, Ferren, Yan Po, Wen Xi, Chrispin and Sheng Xuan for helping clean the house. Every little bit counts! Unfortunately, I left my DSLR in the new house. I will get some photos and post them… Continue Reading →

DRAM Error Rates are Actually Hundred and Thousands of Times Higher Than We Thought

DRAM, or commonly called RAM, is something we have on all computers and most mini electronic devices such as our mobile phones and portable players. Without them, computers won’t work. They hold vital data while they are in use, such… Continue Reading →

Sun Netra T1 AC200 is Alive!

It’s alive! I’ve finally decommissioned a server that has served me well for over 5 years. WhyMobile, IABPI and Naturext were the last sites hosted on the server. The old hefty 2U server is now sitting in my mum’s office… Continue Reading →

Why FTTH Will Suck and 1 Mbps Symmetric Broadband is Enough for Everybody

Watch this video. Although this video was made for entertainment, it does goes to show what people think 100 Mbps can give them. I think I need to start my rant. People have the wrong impression of subscribed broadband speeds…. Continue Reading →

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