Sincere thanks to Hui Zhen, Ferren, Yan Po, Wen Xi, Chrispin and Sheng Xuan for helping clean the house. Every little bit counts!

Unfortunately, I left my DSLR in the new house. I will get some photos and post them up tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here’s what we accomplished today (Saturday).

  • Cleaned up the store room and moved the mess in the kitchen over.
  • Cleaned up all three bedrooms, kitchen, windows and grilles. Thanks ladies! Fantastic job.
  • Built the Ikea furnitures – a study table, two office chairs and a side table with drawers. Some instructions are wrong, especially the cheaper furnitures.
  • Installed the almighty lock that only requires one key for all! Whoopee. How I wish my car key could be used instead.
  • Set up the bed in the master bedroom.
  • Carpenter dropped by to inspect the work done on Friday.

Here’s the agenda for tomorrow (Sunday).

  • Pass ah fen a hamster. 🙂
  • Grab the side table we ordered from Defu.
  • Pay the balance for the sofa and dining table and arrange for them to be delivered next week.
  • Grab the trolley, TV and sub woofers from parent’s office. I left my new TV there for storage.
  • Bak Kut Teh at Jurong East for lunch at 1300 hrs.
  • Clean the living room, and maybe three bedrooms if they get dusty again.
  • Figure out where to mount the bathroom accessories, and what else we need to buy.
  • Assemble the Ikea lamps.
  • Set up the home router. It’s going to a Linux box with Vyatta, then I can establish an IPsec Site-to-site VPN! Whoopee!
  • Hopefully a karanguni drops by so I can get rid of the old ceiling fans.

I’m still thinking if I should start moving some old books and computer equipment. Maybe my R/C stuffs can go over too.

The audio system will go over next week before the weekend, that’s for sure!

More shopping list for next week.

  • A stool, just to facilitate cleaning some stuff that’s higher than us.
  • A (cheap) bicycle? Just to get to and fro the in-law’s place and Bukit Panjang Plaza.
  • A mini TV console for the master bedroom?
  • Another Ikea side table for the master bedroom?
  • Subscribe to StarHub TV and Internet! (Sorry SingNet, your marketing and helpdesk just fails me.)