3 biggest mistakes you should not make with your HDB

Here’s the biggest problem with the baby boomers generation (now turning retirement age) — they have been sold the idea of an asset by buying into a HDB, and many are hoping to cash out upon retirement. After all, their HDBs should… Continue Reading →

What I think about the Singapore Property Market in 2016

Here’s what I think of the Singapore property market in 2016 (and beyond). I’ve just sold my HDB and am renting temporarily waiting on the side to jump in. If you’d like me to summarise in one sentence, I think the… Continue Reading →

Spring cleaning surprises

I wrote two entries towards the end of 2015 about slowing down (a.k.a. work-life balance) and de-cluttering. Enter 2016 + Chinese New Year spring cleaning. Spring cleaning this year it is a big affair because I am moving house, so almost every… Continue Reading →

Planning your property purchase

Many people do not know that planning for a property purchase can take up to a year or more. Without proper planning, many people are stuck after making the wrong move. Here are some common mistakes: – Buying a property before… Continue Reading →

One year of financial progress; Tracking your net worth

I’ve made effort to track my expenses over the last few years. This meant keeping a record every time I took money or a credit card out of my wallet. It is a tedious process, and gets sloppy at times. At… Continue Reading →

Property ownership and investment in Singapore

Living and investing in property are two different things. Being risk averse, I believe that the first home where we plan to live in should always be cheap and well within our financial comfort zone. The half CPF OA rule… Continue Reading →

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