Property ownership and investment in Singapore

Living and investing in property are two different things. Being risk averse, I believe that the first home where we plan to live in should always be cheap and well within our financial comfort zone. The half CPF OA rule… Continue Reading →

Welcome back

As promised, I will attempt to revive my blogging. As I type, I’m actually watching “The Social Network”. Damn geeky, I know. Not the best movie of all time for a Saturday night. Anyway just to start off the new… Continue Reading →

Noisy Neighbours in Singapore

If you’re wondering, wow, I’m writing a blog at this hour, well that’s because I’ve been awoken at 6AM+ this morning by my neighbour upstairs. I had to resort to hammering the ceiling with my fists last night to get… Continue Reading →

Curtains Up!

Curtains and blinds are up! Actually was up about two weeks ago, but I didn’t have time to take photos, edit and upload. I finally found some time to do so. I didn’t take the blinds though, it’s pretty generic… Continue Reading →

Similarly Human, Different Lives

Yes, the title comes from the Chinese saying 同人不同命, meaning we are all similarly humans, but we lead different lives. I just read Jac’s Blog and it seems that she’s so stressed at work until she lost 4kg. While I… Continue Reading →

The Life of a Working House Husband

Somehow I think I’m living life on the soft side, or as the Chinese says, 吃软饭. I’m officially in a holiday mood as I write this blog entry while my wife (who’s just right beside me) bashes away at a… Continue Reading →

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