MAS eases curbs; where is COE headed

If you’ve been following the news, you should have heard about MAS easing the loan curbs. So where is COE headed? Most people say it will go up, but I think it will only inch up marginally. Reducing downpayment by 10%… Continue Reading →

2016 COE trend and illogical used car prices

Why are used car prices so ridiculously high when COE prices are down? It does not make sense, or does it? New cars are actually cheaper (in depreciation) now A brand new VW Golf (Mk7) 1.2 TSI was going for $98.8K… Continue Reading →

How to buy a cheap(er) car: Will COE fall in 2015?

We have an old car in the family expiring next year, and I’m sure everybody out there is wondering the same — will COE fall? My personal opinion is that it may fall a wee bit (Category A at around… Continue Reading →

How to buy a used car in Singapore

I do get many friends asking me for advise about cars — especially buying used ones because the purchase process is more complicated, so I decided write a quick guide instead of having to repeat myself over and over again. I’ve written many… Continue Reading →

BMW Buyer vs Public Transport Fan?

I read this article and couldn’t resist my urge to bang wall. Comparison of extremes First, the example of an expensive $220K BMW 3-series is a little way off the charts as a basis for comparison against public transport…. Continue Reading →

Budget 2013 and what it means to the Singapore Car Buyer, part 2

This is a continuum to my earlier post: Budget 2013 and what it means to the Singapore Car Buyer. Bank interests up So one of the predictions have already come true: Bank interests are up across the board. Here’s the… Continue Reading →

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