After some recent news about cyclists being run over by cars, people started saying things like cars pay for road tax, COE, ERP and hence cyclists need to stay off the road. Cyclists then start saying that their bikes don’t wear off the road. WTF?!

See this forum discussion.

I think some people are just damn narrow minded. It’s not about road tax, ERP or COE. It’s about your own safety when cycling.

Law says you can ride on the road. It does not say you *must* ride on the road if you feel it’s not safe. There are park connectors. Hell screw it, even if there’s no park connectors I will *still* choose to ride on the pavement.

Same goes for nobody says you *can* walk on the road, but some people still choose to walk on the road.

And some cocks still choose to cycle 2 abreast on a busy or narrow road. I know the law says you *can*, doesn’t mean you *should*. This shows how selfish people can get. Bicycles are slow moving vehicles, and if you want to talk about rules of the road, then bikes should jolly well KEEP LEFT.

I am for cycling on pavements, illegal or not.. my safety is my top priority. If the roads are too busy to cycle on, I’ll get on the pavement. On pavements bicycles should give way to human pedestrians, that’s about all we need to do for a peaceful society. I don’t know which civil service idiot said we can’t cycle on pavements. They should shoot themselves. The number of fatalities of cyclists vs. cars is certainly higher than old aunties vs. bicycles.

Why not on the road? Because our roads are getting too crowded with bus lane and all. It poses even more danger to a cyclist AND other road users. The bicycle is slow and fragile. Riding alongside a road with bus or lorry going at twice its speed is so damn dangerous. People have to swerve to get away from crazy ass cyclists swinging left to right trying to pedal hard to keep up with road traffic speeds.

Secondly there are lots of traffic rules to abide to when using the roads. A lot of cyclist do not follow these rules. They cycle on the road, then turn onto pedestrian crossings when they meet a red light, or simply beat the light, or turn into filter lanes, or cycle across zebra crossings. Just a few examples of the many many crazy cyclists I’ve seen.

There’s no control over bicycles on the road. There’s no license plates to identify a person, there’s no (legislative) need to know road traffic rules to ride on the road, there’s no speed limit, no traffic camera — nothing, basically, to enforce that bicycles must adhere to traffic rules.

And if you start telling me because you have a road bike hence you need to cycle on the road, then I can tell you I have a Ferrari and I should race on the roads too.

It’s not always about the money. Your life is worth more than that.