I haven’t been blogging for a while. A lot of blogging activities actually shifted to Facebook. The same goes for many of my friends who used to blog; their blogs have been deserted and their last posts date way back to 2011.

I think that my writing is starting to suck. I can’t seem to form grammatically correct sentences or write complete paragraphs without going back to edit them again and again. I actually spend a lot of time looking through and editing my blog posts. The art of writing is starting to fade.

I think that writing stories or articles reinforces knowledge. It helps people put ideas into words, and in turn help people verbally articulate an idea or transfer a piece of knowledge, for example when giving a presentation or when teaching/guiding a colleague.

So to my friends who are reading this — if you haven’t blogged in a while, do find some time to do it.

However, don’t just blog for the sake of blogging; the difference between a diary and a blog is that the former is for your own consumption, but the latter has a public element. Blogs are better used to share ideas and thoughts than one’s daily experiences, or, aheem, sexperiences.

If there’s no intent for public sharing, then just write a diary. If you want to write a public blog then you must find pride in your writing, be willing to share knowledge and accept criticism.