We’re losing talent, and I think blue collar workers play an important role in our economy to produce quality work. Keeping local blue collar talent costs money, and will drive up costs of living some, but that is how things will go, especially if we want to continue to enjoy a good quality of life. People like aircon technicians, car mechanics, plumbers, etc.

If we ignore this segment of people, sooner or later we will suffer. They say automation will replace these jobs. That’s bullshit. Robotics and automation has long ways to go before it can replace your plumber or aircon technician or mechanic. These are skilled work that is almost like the work of art. Why does the BMW factory continue to employ so many workers to build mass produced cars like the 5 series? Watch this video to understand.

I believe one day — and the day will be soon enough — that a plumber is paid more than a developer.